Company Philosophy 'Contributing to society through good varieties' Creating ideas from a seed A spirit of Public Welfare


We focus on Cucumber breeding programs (Japanese, Korean, Beit- Alpha, Dutch, Slicer, type), and some Rootstock for cucumber (Pumpkin Rootstock called Bloomless Type), Rootstock for watermelon ( Legenaria, Also known as. Bottle Gourd ). 

 All of our seeds are F1 (first hybrid) for green house and develop mainly high germination, high yield and stable shapes. All varieties are suitable for low and high temperature conditions and are highly disease and virus resistant.

In our breeding program, research and development never end. We need trustable partnerships with local seed sales companies to build local demand. We would be happy to hear from contacts in local areas.

In all cucurbits crops, Bacterial Fruit Blotch (BFB) is one of most concerning seed borne disease recent years.

The causal organism which is Acidovorax avenae subsp. citrulli (or A. citrulli), could be spread rapidly on crop fields if an outbreak occurs. To protect domestic farmer from this disease, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry Fisheries in Japan promote breeding or seed production company’s awareness of its knowledge and protection technology. For the above reason, our all seed lots produced by Kurume Vegetable Breeding Co., Ltd. are inspected to distribute BFB-free seed product. Detail procedures of inspection methods and if you are interested in inspection service, please read more. >Seed health testing service

Seed bone infectious virus check

It indicates the number of viruses infectious around the pumpkin seeds, cucumber rootstock has become apparent so far. By thermal treatment in the temperature range where the virus is degraded, seed shipment from the Company provides seed infectious virus-free seed.

Seed quality control

From hygrothermal control to equipment hygiene management and routine inspections, our production control department employs an ISO9000:2000 compliant management system to ensure our high seed standard is maintained.

Seeds are also, based on their condition, put through wind sorting, standard sorting, deformity screening. Dry heat treatment and thiuram coating for sterilization are essential for every overseas shipments.

Terms of arrivals

As a company we have our own production farms here in Japan. We also commission specialist seed production companies domestically and abroad.

Prior to importing seeds from these companies we always receive samples and put them through our strict testing process. This testing complies with international standards and includes germination tests, growth tests, F1 purity certification and contagious disease screening. Only seeds that pass this testing process are introduced. To prevent viruses or foreign elements mixing these tests are carried out in a completely quarantined testing facility.