Seed health testing service

The BFB and its seed health testing

The Summary of BFB

Bacterial fruit blotch (BFB) of cucurbits is caused by Acidvorax avenae subsp. citrulli (Aac, now calling A. citrulli, Ac), a seed borne pathogen. Among the members of the Cucurbits plants that are affected by this disease are watermelon, melon, cucumber, squash and pumpkin. During the late 1980s several devastating BFB outbreaks occurred in watermelon fields across the USA in some cases leading to 100% loss of marketable fruit. This pathogen could be particularly (only seed surface) sterilized by agrichemical such as cupper chloride.

Because sterilization method have not been perfectly developed, it will be most important for consumer to test health of cucurbits seed.

Inspection methods for BFB

One of the approaches for BFB-free seed selling, seed health testing is required in seed production.

Our testing method is, which named Sweat-bag seedling method, based on it developed by National Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science (NIVTS) and National Center for Seeds and Seedlings (NCSS) in Japan,

Method is the following procedure


10,000 seeds per lot are randomly sampled *4


To increase bacteria which contaminate inside seed, Sweat bag seedling is used this method.


PCR with Aac genome specific primer sets is performed for presence detection.


All isolated colonies are characterized on the selection medium

Seed Health Testing Service

To protect cucurbits crop production areas in Japan and any other countries, we provide a seed health testing technology as our service. You submit a testing sample with submission form to our laboratory, and then we return the results of the BFB infection testing. The scale of the testing sample is 10,000 seeds or 10% of its weight (if total seeds number is less than 10,000). For more information please contact