KURUME Cucumber (Japanese Type)

Kurume Cucumber is often consumed all over Japan, dark green color, sweet taste and thin skin for salad and pickles

Kurume Vegetable Breeding Co., Ltd. is One of the leading Cucumber breeding
company in Japanese market.

We have wide selection of Japanese type for various situations
Japanese cucumbers are Non-bitter tasting, thin skined, and have a crispy crunch.



  • - pure green skin colour. 20 -23 cm fruit length, 3cm diameter.
  • - Beautiful shaped fruit quality and very high yield. Plant vegetation is strong and early.
  • - Almost female flower with parthenocarpy White thorn on fruits with velvety texture skin.
  • - Suitable for cold and hot either temperature, conditions.
  • - high adaptability to volatile day and night temperatures,
  • - Tolerant to -Corynespora and DM. Maturity in 45-50 days.
  • - Basic cultivation is set Fruits on mainly side branches.

If you are interested in Japanese type cucumbers for your market, Please do not hesitate to ask us, We are the market leading Specialists in all female type, open field, or green house, cold or hot season, disease residences, etc.