Application requirements for new graduates

JOB CATEGORIES Technical section : Breeding / Pathology research /
Genetic research / Cultivation management
Production section : Seed production management /
Seed quality control / Quality Inspection
Sales department section : Seeds and materials business sales in
domestic and abroad
General affairs and accounting section : Accounting / General affairs /
Legal affairs / Human resources /
Public information / others
For technical section : Required major studies in agriculture, biology,
breeding science studies, genetics,
or plant pathology.
For Sales position and Office worker : Available to all undergraduate studies or major.
STARTING SALARY Master's Degree : 215,000JPY / month
Bachelor's Degree : 192,600JPY / month
Associate's Degree / Vocational School : 161,000JPY / month
High School Graduates : 152,400JPY / month
※An amount of money is a reference sum.
WORK PLACE Head office(Fukuoka prefecture) or
Each branch office(Gunma and Miyazaki Prefecture)
WORKING HOURS 8:30-17:00
※Research farm working hours will vary somewhat depending on the season.
Overtime pay / Housing allowance / Commuting Paid and others
BONUS Twice a year(depends on achievement)
HOLIDAYS / DAYS OFF Sunday / Japanese national holidays / Biweekly Saturday /
and the holiday a company sets
INSURANCE Unemployment Insurance / Workmen's compensation Insurance /
Health Insurance / Welfare Pension Insurance

※Our company does the recruitment activity, regardless of the national

Application requirements for mid-career hiring

JOB CATEGORIES Technical section : The following experiences are helpful, but not required;
agriculture and companies which are concerned with it.
Sales department section
(For Domestic and Abroad)
: Educational background or
industry background do not count
(experiences and abilities are more important)
General affairs and
accounting section
: Educational background or
industry background do not count
(experiences and abilities are more important)
Driver's license / PC Skills
Most passed the Eiken second grade or higher than TOEIC600 mark are necessary.
Study abroad or trading company experiences are required.

※Our company does the recruitment activity, regardless of the national


The life is the time we live now.

To become a member of the society, have a family, and by having new members of the family brings us more meaningfully and the depth into our lives.

We work to protect them with strength and raise them.

However, if you work in a company, there is no stability.

We always have to keep winning in the world of constantly changing survival of the fittest.

Please enjoy it if you need to work anyway.

Be in love with and addicted to the work, to find your goal in your job, and do the best you can.

The philosophies of our members are “Be a pioneer, keep the strength of the people, to believe in people, and to seek each ability all the time to make progress” .

“Pioneer” is a person who breaks out own shell, show own personality, and open up new possibilities.

“To keep the strength of people” means to make the best use of and foster each individuality, the character, and the strong point the upbringing of the person.

“To Believe in people” means to believe your fellows and to help each other.

Be a positive thinker by pursuing humbly growth and improvement.

Now, I want to ask those who wish to change jobs in our company.

Are you ready to be addicted to work here with all your heart?

We welcome you to join our team anytime for who is ready for it.

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